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Personal growth, self awareness, and building life skills.
Our vision for camp has always been to bring a diverse group of kids together for self discovery, life skills building, fun and community. 

Camp Weloki for Girls is a week-long overnight camp experience designed for girls ages 8-11, middle schoolers age 11-14 and teens 14-18.

We provide school year retreats and week long summer camp programs where campers can learn skills to handle everyday challenges and to develop leadership skills for life. We currently offer All Girls at our camps and retreats.

We have "courseroom", our group learning time, for about 3 hours each day. In these sessions, campers get a chance to have real, honest discussions about what is going on in their lives and in the lives of their peers. Our campers tell us it's the only place in their lives where their peers get real and where they can talk about anything going on in their lives without feeling judged or criticized.

By weeks end, this is the favorite part of camp for most of the campers.  And this unique part of our camp is what brings campers back year after year to deepen and enhance their personal awareness and growth.  And they love the deep connections they make with fellow campers and our staff.  Check out "What Campers Learn" and "Just for Teens" for more information about what campers learn.

Another unique feature of Camp Weloki is how much choice and say-so the campers have about their camp week.  We have tons of fun activities that campers get to choose, create and lead.  We have "family camp meetings" every day where our staff takes the time to really hear what the campers want.

Some of the fun activities are: swimming, canoeing, fishing, beach volleyball, kayaking, basketball, speedball, four-square, hunger games, hiking, star-gazing, talent shows, dance parties, color run activities, karaoke, art & crafts, tye-dyeing, hair wraps, friendship bracelets, outdoor movie night, Peaceful Goddess Night, Campfires and crazy spontaneous fun!

Campers get to brainstorm what kind of activities they want in the afternoons and then have the freedom to choose what they do all afternoon, moving from one to the other as they wish.  For our evening activities, the campers choose, plan, organize, lead fun events for the whole camp.

Kids and teens alike say our camps are the most fun camps they've ever been at because of their ability to have so much say-so in their activities and because of how close they feel to their new friends and staff because of the sharing in courseroom.  It is this environment of acceptance, closeness and high energy fun that make Camp Weloki one of a kind and the kind of camp that campers want to return to year after year. 

2.5:1 Camper to staff ratio is an important part of our success. We keep our ratios small, i.e. for younger campers two to one and for teens three to one.  Kids get lots of personal attention and chances to connect with and learn from our experienced staff.  Having a lot of staff also allows us to be less structured than most camps.  Kids have the freedom to choose where they want to spend their afternoon time because we have more than enough counselors to spread out and cover the various activity choices.  It also allows us to be more flexible to allow kids to create new, fun camp activities.

We are committed to keeping Camp Weloki intimate and smaller in numbers

We have two age groups at every camp week, with a maximum of 25 campers in each group; so a maximum total of 50 campers with about 20 staff. We keep it small compared to other camps because it gives everyone a chance to share and be recognized. Campers get to know each other and the staff very quickly because of our low numbers and because of the sharing in courseroom time.

For more information about Camp Weloki contact our office
at 636-530-1883 or email Director@campweloki.com .

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