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A Typical Day at Summer Camp
One thing is for sure, no day at Camp Weloki is "typical" and no two weeks of camp ever look exactly the same. On the first night of every session we have an all camp "family" meeting where we go over the agreements, boundaries and the schedule for that week. We bend over backwards to make sure everyone has a voice in this process because we want campers to create the fun that they want. Campers get a lot of choice and a lot of free time.

A schedule created by one of our groups last summer looked like the following:

8:00-9:00 am Breakfast & Clean up
9:00 am Circle up and announcements
9:30- 12:30 pm Course room/sharing time
12:30-1:30 pm Lunch & Clean up/free time
1:30-5:00 pm Afternoon activities/free time
5:30- 6:30 pm Dinner & Clean up
6:30-7:30 pm Free Time
7:30- about 9:00 pm Evening Activity
After Eve. Activity "Late night"
Lights out

Early Morning Activities– There will be opportunities for campers who wake up early to do some activities before breakfast. Fishing, hiking, sports or yoga/meditation are just a few of the morning activities that campers in the past have wanted to do. Our staff is always open to helping the campers create fun morning activities. These activities of course are optional and are announced usually at dinner the night before so anyone who wants to can join in.

Circle up– Every morning after breakfast we all meet for about 15 minutes. This is where campers and staff make announcements about activities coming up later in the day or week. We create committees to choose, plan and lead activities. This is also where we handle any issues as a community so everyone feels heard, included and good about being at camp.

Course room/sharing time– This is the time we all really get to know each other. We create an environment where everyone feels safe enough to get real and talk about issues such as handling cliques and conflicts with friends, dealing with everyday stresses, communicating more effectively with parents, siblings and friends, learning more about who you are and what makes you tick, or problem areas like divorce, loss or transitions to middle school, high school or college. This is the part of camp that brings the most honesty, closeness, friendships and community and makes the rest of the activities even more fun.

Afternoon activities– Every afternoon we will have open several choices for activities for the campers to do. Campers have a lot of choice and can move from one to the other as they wish. Activities include: Swimming, Arts & Crafts, Canoeing, Sports and Games, Adventure hikes, Slip & Slide, Improv acting and much more, including just hanging out with new friends.

Evening Activities– After dinner each night we will have an activity that includes the entire camp. The campers along with our staff help choose what activities we do and help plan, organize, and lead the events. In the past, evening activities have included: Scavenger hunts, Talent shows, Kareoke, Beach Parties, Water Olympics, Capture the Flag, Dance parties, just to name a few. Each year we get new fun and creative ideas from our campers and staff. Everyone always feels included and has a blast!

Late Night– After the evening activity campers can choose to settle in to bed or stay up and have more fun. At our designated late night area, we play music, card games, stargaze and have plenty of time to relax and connect with peers and staff. Final lights out is typically around eleven, depending on the age of campers that week. It is another way for kids to have fun and to learn to take care of themselves.


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