Covid-19 Response

As you are well aware, guidelines regarding the novel coronavirus are changing daily. Unfortunately we cannot predict how this virus may affect us in June or July, but at this point we are planning to have sessions two and three as scheduled. 


We are closely monitoring the situation and will follow directives given by our government and public health authorities.  The safety of our campers, families, and staff is our main priority.

Camp is something we all look forward to, and this year, campers and their families need it more than ever!

In response to the pandemic we have made a few changes to our enrollment policies.

- Issuing full refunds if camp is canceled, you're uncomfortable with sending her or if she is sick.
- Reducing the deposit amount to $200

1. We will ask all campers and our staff to quarantine for a minimum of a week prior to the start of their camp.  This will help insure that anyone with symptoms of Covid-19 be evident.  Anyone with those symptoms would not be allowed at camp.  We also will strongly suggest campers quarantine after camp so as not to spread the virus if any children are hidden carriers. 


2.  We are fortunate in that we are a relatively small camp group and we can divide the campers into two smaller groups of less than 25 and 8 staff for our courseroom circles.  We would space everyone out as much as possible for this time of day.


3.  Check in at camp will be changed to minimize any possible spreading.  Only one parent can check in their child (not both parents and no siblings).  You will need to say your goodbyes in your cars.  Staff will be available to gather luggage with the campers and escort them to a cabin.  One parents can check in and give us medications (if any) to our nurse.  Each campers temperature will be taken upon arrival and each day and more if suspected any type of illness.  


Check out will likely be staggered and done by car as well.  The camp slide show would be sent out to everyone in an email this year for you to view with your camper.


4.  There will be no coming and going from our camp location during the week except for our Camp Organizer staff  who will go to the area Walmart store for supplies two times during the week.  She will wear a mask and gloves to further protect and will change clothes upon arrival back at camp.


5.  All surfaces in the cabins, bathrooms and mess hall (tables, chairs, picnic tables) will be disinfected before and after meals and each day in cabins.  


6.  Strict hand sanitation will be adhered to with sanitizer as we enter and leave any buildings and hand washing with pump soap before and after meals.  Meals may need to be staggered a bit to avoid congestion; for example the middle school girls may get their meal first and then the teen girls enter the mess hall while those girls are eating outside if possible.  


7.  We will be strongly encouraging outside activities throughout the week

Keeping Campers Safe at Camp


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