A new safe and secure online community to provide education,

support and connection for teen and tween girls.

This is a very affordable membership site so only girls who register and pay the annual member fee of $30 can join. The content on this site will be provided by Dr. Tim and Anne Jordan and monitored by them as well. Each week, your daughter will receive a new "5 Minute Wisdom" video hosted by Dr. Tim Jordan himself. Watch below for an example of 5 Minute Wisdom.

  • Join other like-minded girls who want a safe place to chat, ask questions, get support, feel connected and talk about real issues affecting her.

  • Have connections with girls outside of school.

  • Get support from Dr. Tim Jordan, a leading expert on girls who understands the challenges girls face today.

  • Provide her with the tools to handle conflicts and drama, trust her intuition, build deeper friendships, and cope with the normal ups and downs of life.

  • Calmer daughter, calmer family.

  • Real life connections, real life support.

  • A place for girls to submit essays, poems, and stories that pertain to their age level.

  • If your daughter has attended one of our retreats or summer camps, this will provide a new resource for follow up and continued growth and learning between camps.