Suggested Summer Packing List

_____    Water bottle   THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT!  Find one that is easily carried and put your name on it.  We want the campers to drink lots of water so they stay hydrated.  A second one is sometimes needed if theirs breaks or is lost.  If water bottle is forgotten, we will provide them with one for a $8.00 fee.

_____            2-3 Light weight masks

_____            Twin size sheets, blanket or sleeping bag

_____            Pillow & pillow case

_____            Underwear-(enough to last entire week)

_____            Long pants/jeans (2 pair)

_____            Shorts (several pair)

_____            T-shirts (at least 1 per day)

_____            socks (enough to last entire week)

_____            Rain poncho or rain jacket

_____            PJ's

_____            Sweatshirt or light jacket (mornings & nights are cool)

_____            2 Swimsuits

_____            1 Goddess outfit (some girls like to bring a long skirt or casual dress but this is optional)

_____            Laundry bag or large trash bag for dirty clothes

_____            sturdy walking shoes or extra tennis shoes

_____            Tennis shoes

_____            Flip-Flops/ sandals

_____            Hat /cap

_____            3 Towels (including one beach towel)

_____            Soap/Shampoo/Deodorant

_____            Toothpaste and toothbrush w/ name on each

_____            Other Personal toiletries

_____            Flashlight with extra batteries

_____            White T-shirt for tie dye or decorating (optional)

_____            Sunscreen /Sun block

_____            Insect repellant

_____            Inflatable pool rafts/pool toys (optional)

_____            Pre-addressed, pre-stamped postcards or envelopes (optional)

_____            Inexpensive watch (optional)

_____            Alarm Clock (optional) NOT A CELL PHONE!

_____            Camera- we encourage the disposable type but please label with your name (optional)

_____            Musical Instrument or prop for Talent Show (optional)