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Dr. Tim frequently writes blogs and records podcasts for his parental resource called "Raising Daughters". You can access Dr. Jordan's Raising Daughters Blogs & Podcasts by clicking the buttons below.

Taking Flight Parenting Course
  • 23 short, concise videos

  • Ability to watch videos in any order you prefer, whenever you like.

  • Learn from Dr. Jordan’s expertise from working with girls and parents for over 30 years.

Would you like more tools for your parenting tools box? Check out Dr. Tim's online parenting course, Taking Flight. It will give you the help you are looking for in raising a happy, healthy, and responsible daughter. 

Dr. Tim's Books
Sleeping Beauties, Awakened Women

There has been a tremendous amount of attention paid to the rising levels of depression, anxiety, cutting, and relationship aggression in girls over the past 50 years.

But what if these issues aren’t the real problem? What if adolescent girls don’t have poor self esteem? What if we’ve got it all wrong? What if we have missed the forest for the trees?

In this eye-opening book based on 30 years of successful work with girls, Dr. Tim Jordan M.D. shines a light on what is really going on with girls as they undergo their normal transformation from girl to woman during adolescence. Using fairy tales and real stories of girls from his practice and camps, Sleeping Beauties will help you become aware of the needs girls have in areas like emotions, friendship struggles, self-quieting, finding their passions, body image, and stress. And he shows how parents can best support their daughters during this crucial stage of development.

Keeping Your Family Grounded

Kids and parents today have gained the world and lost their soul. They are connected electronically but disconnected emotionally and spiritually. Find the answers to many of the important family challenges today including overindulged children, how to have effective family meetings, a new discipline strategy, setting boundaries, staying connected to your teenager, and much more!